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Interscope Records was founded by Jimmy Iovine in 1989 as a small alternative label. In 1991, Warner Music Group purchased a 50% stake in Interscope Records to release, market and distribute their musical products.

In 1992, the infamous "gangsta rap" label, Death Row Records joined the Interscope family. Death Row's first release came from Dr. Dre in December of 1992. The fall of 1993 would see the biggest release for Interscope/Death Row, as Snoop Doggy Dogg released his debut album, "Doggystyle", which went to sell millions of copies in less than a few months of release.

In 1995, Warner Music sold back its interest in Interscope Records that same year. In 1996, Polygram purchased Interscope Records and would see most of its future releases distributed by them. (later to become the largest Record distributor in the world). In August of 1997, Interscope had completely separated itself from the once highly successful Death Row Records. In 1998, Polygram was renamed to Universal Music Group.

1999 would see the merging of A & M Records and Geffen Records into Interscope. Now in 2004, Interscope and Universal are the largest players in the music business.

Parent Label:

Universal Music Group


A & M Records (US), Aftermath Entertainment, Flawless Records (2), Geffen Records, MySpace Records, Nothing Records, Shady Records

Contact Info:

Interscope Records
2220 Colorado Avenue
Santa Monica, CA




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